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MGS Finishes Successful 3-Day Exhibition


The Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturer Association’s (MGEMA) annual trade show concluded three days of summit talks and industry exhibition this afternoon. The event enjoyed great support from the business community and the Macau SAR government. Hosting a total of 162 exhibitors and 15,234 visits, the 5th annual MGS Entertainment Show shone in its recently-earned capacity of a UFI Approved International Event.


MGEMA chose to center this year’s show on smart-city technology, which includes fields such as robotics, video surveillance and cloud computing. Exhibitors ranged from manufacturers and developers of traditional gaming equipment to companies developing more novel fields.


Hikvision’s booth showcased a miniature traffic scene to demonstrate their “Smart Traffic, Safe Transit Solution”. Cameras that can read license plate numbers, measure vehicle speed and detect traffic violations are used to enforce regulations and adjust traffic flow, reducing backup. Hikvision also provides solutions for security surveillance. With projects in Singapore, Myanmar and Las Vegas and a light-rail project in Macau, the Hangzhou-based company is making its mark around the world. Dylan Xu, Overseas Technical Support Engineer, remarked that MGS has allowed him to make valuable contacts. “It’s great we’ve met some government officers and casino bosses so we could show them solutions for entertainment and hopefully do future projects here,” he said.


Casino equipment manufacturer and supplier LT Game had several of its new units on display to show off the mechanical elements they have incorporated. On the new machines, which will roll out later this year, a pair of doors close in from the sides or an emblem drops down from the top of the display, adding depth and a more tactile element to the digital displays, which are recessed behind transparent touchscreens. Chief Operating Officer Betty Zhao explained that the new elements in the machines were inspired by Japanese pachinko games. Of her experience at the show she said, “It is very exciting to show people our new slot machines and electronic table games like our new baccarat system that has more side betting.”


At the same booth, all five senses were stimulated, with buttery popcorn, live DJ sets, a robotic humanoid dealing baccarat, glamorously dressed human dealers and two impressive LED displays. The LED displays were demonstrating idNerd’s new custom animation solutions for gaming. Managing Director Peter Wong explained his company’s ideas for attracting customers to the live multi-game setups that casinos use to bring more players together around a single dealer. “Auspicious animations” highlight trends in games like baccarat and roulette, with a dragon swooping across the statistics board or a wave of coins showering down over the display. Seasonal themes can bring holiday spirit to game play, and idNerd’s lucky draw system can be used to direct traffic to the multi-game area at designated times. Asked about the show, Mr. Wong said, “It’s great because it’s Macau centric and it’s a great opportunity to meet the resort operators.”


Seeking to broaden the scope of MGS this year, MGEMA invited exhibitors from the cultural and arts sectors as well. One of the largest exhibition spaces on the show floor was held by the international fashion platform LOTI, with clothing from 15 designers on display in a tranquil space organized around several café tables. Eden Cai from LOTI explained that the company seeks to frame fashion as a holistic approach to lifestyle, connecting health and fashion for overall wellbeing. Mr. Cai thinks that Macau has a lot of potential outside of gaming. “The future of the gaming business will connect with fashion and culture. Fashion, culture and gaming will bring Macau’s economy to the next level,” he said.


More traditional culture was on display as well. Shen Hong Yu, professor of art at Beijing University, flew down to exhibit his calligraphy work. “People have shown a lot of interest,” he said, “young people, especially.”



1.       LT Game brings together all five senses at its exhibition space, providing buttery popcorn, live DJ sets, a robotic humanoid dealing baccarat alongside glamorously dressed human dealers, and two impressive LED displays.

2.       Hikvision’s “Smart Traffic, Safe Transit Solution” display demonstrates license plate-reading cameras.

3.       Fashion platform LOTI curated its fashion displays around a cozy café scene, a refreshing contrast to the surrounding digital playground.

4.       Shen Hong Yu displays his calligraphy.

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